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Steel and Aluminum Perforated Diffuser with Square Neck (Curved Blade)
The 56200 series perforated diffusers use blade-type pattern deflectors mounted on the backpan and are available in pre-selected 1, 2, 3, or 4-way blow patterns. Individually adjustable curved blades allow field adjustment of the air pattern in each direction, which may be field set to any position between a vertical throw and a tight ceiling, long throw pattern. The pattern deflectors on the backpan create aspiration of secondary air through the perforated face where it is mixed with primary air that is then discharged through the perforated face. This aspiration and mixing effect reduces the discharge air temperature to avoid cold air drafts. Additionally, it removes smudging material from the secondary air by impingement on the perforated face. Ceiling smudging of adjacent, hard to clean ceiling surfaces is greatly reduced. The 56200 series diffusers exhibit typical isothermal throws of 8’ to 20’ for 4-way air distribution and 21’ to 50’ for 1-way air distribution making this diffuser an excellent choice for irregular room shapes. Matching returns are the 6490 and 6690 series.