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Product Knowledge for Application & Specification

We are pleased to offer you an exceptionally fun, interactive, and educational training experience at Krueger's new state-of-the-art lab and training center in Richardson, TX. It is our goal to provide you with the information and tools you need to better select and specify a wide range of air distribution products.

Our engineering trainings are offered exclusively through private groups that are coordinated by the local Krueger Representative. This focused approach not only provides flexiblity to arrange the training around your schedule, but will also allow us to provide tailored content to your experience level and allow more in depth discussions about specific projects or products.

Contact your local Krueger Representative about scheduling training or simply contact us through the web should you have any questions.

Who should attend?

Krueger's Institute of Technology (KIT) is geared towards architects, engineers, contractors, and local Krueger Representatives, with a focus on those that select and specify air distribution products for commercial and industrial applications. Engineering KITs are hosted by the local Krueger Rep. Rep-only KITs are limited to only Krueger Reps.


Engineering KIT: FEB 21 - 23 - View Brochure or Register
Engineering KIT: OCT 9 - 11 - View Brochure or Register
Rep-Only KIT: APR 2 - 5 - View Brochure or Register
Rep-Only KIT: NOV 5 - 8 - View Brochure or Register


Richardson, TX - Home of Krueger's New Lab and Training Center

Continuing Education Credits

Upon successful completion of the training, Krueger will award a certificate of credit hours that can be used towards continuing education credits. Because state requirements differ, it is the responsibility of the individual to determine whether the CEU/credit will be honored by their applicable organization.

Questions or Concerns?

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