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Published Articles

ASHRAE Journal - HVAC Systems: Part of Making Connections ASHRAE Journal - VAV Terminal Units: Looking Back, Ahead
ASHRAE Journal - Basics of Well-Mixed Room Air Distribution ASHRAE Journal - VAV Series Fan Terminals
ASHRAE Journal - Chilled Beams Selection ASHRAE Journal - Variable Volume DOAS Fan-Powered Terminal Unit
ASHRAE Journal - Air Distribution in the OR ASHRAE Journal - Compliance to Standard 55
ASHRAE Journal - Conditioning Challenges: Lobbies and Atriums ASHRAE Journal - High Performance Air Distribution Systems
ASHRAE Journal - The Deal About Duct Lining ASHRAE Journal - VAV Coils, Fan Coil Devices
ASHRAE Journal - You Have to Prove It ASHRAE Journal - Research Validates VAV
ASHRAE Journal - Slots are Adjustable ASHRAE Journal - Comfort vs. Energy Use
ASHRAE Journal - Air Balancing Area Factors ASHRAE Journal - Demand Control Ventilation Using CO2
ASHRAE Journal - Net Zero Acceptability ASHRAE Journal - Overhead Heating: A Lost Art
ASHRAE Journal - Meeting ASHRAE Standard 62.1 Requirements ASHRAE Journal - Best Practices for Selecting Diffusers
Dallas Morning News - Degrees of Separation The Construction Specifier - Specifying VAV Boxes
HPAC Engineering - Air Distribution for Comfort and IAQ HPAC Engineering - Acoustical Standards

White Papers: VAV / Terminal Units

Anti Backward Rotation Strategies Bypass Air Terminals
DOAS: Dedicated Outdoor Air System ECM Motors in Series Flow Fan Powered Terminals and Unit Ventilators
LineaHEAT Proportional Electric Heater Oversizing Terminal Unit Products
Three TAP/SCR Controlled Motors in Fan Powered Terminal Units VAV Acoustical Specifications
VAV Air Flow Measurements VAV Double Wall Issues
VAV Reheat Selection

White Papers: Diffusers, Grilles, & Registers

Ceiling Smudging Area Factors
Solutions for Classrooms Certified Induction Diffusers
Continuous Duct Applications High Induction Diffusers

White Papers: Critical Room Solutions

Hospital Air Curtain Systems Radial Flow Critical Environment Diffusers
Krueger's TAD vs. Flush Face Radial Diffusers

White Papers: LEED & Green

HVAC LEED Exclusions ADPI, Comfort, & LEED
Krueger, LEED, and Environmental Awareness Power Quality

White Papers: Industry Standards

ASHRAE Standard 62, Addendum N Standard 885-2008

White Papers: General Design & Application

Air Distribution System Design Assuring Occupant Productivity and Building Optimization
Those Who Forget the Past Introduction to High Performance Air Systems (an AMCA International White Paper)

White Papers: Software & Programs

K-Select Altitude Correction