Engineering Support & Capabilities

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Engineering Solutions for Today's Buildings

Reviewing Specifications

One of the top priorities of our Engineering Team is to ensure that products are properly specified and that selections work well in the overall system design. As a service to our customers, we review specifications to bring them up to current codes as well as discuss alternative approaches that may result in improved performance, efficiency, or cost.

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Generating Drawings

We are constantly involved in projects that require customized drawings, such as Krueger’s Sterilflo® operating room particulate control system. Our Engineering team is able to provide a clear, complete drawing package for each system that includes a reflected ceiling view, plan view, and cross section view along with installation details. The drawing packages ensure the customer has all the necessary information to achieve a successful project.

For curved products, such as DesignFlo®, 1900, or linear bar grilles, Krueger is able to quickly turn around approval drawing packages, complete with the radius and arc length dimensions to verify that the custom linear product will be built to the exact project specifications.

Developing New or Special Products for Niche Applications

Krueger understands that there are unique buildings and different situations that require special attention, which often are only resolved through the development of new or niche products.

By understanding the requirements of the product, the limitations of the situation, and how it will integrate with the overall air distribution system, Krueger Engineering is able to put forth their expertise to thoroughly research and develop a product that can meet those needs.

One such example is Krueger’s KLPS Size 1 ultra low profile series fan powered terminal unit. This product was developed in coordination with the local Krueger Representative and their customer to solve the issue of retrofitting older buildings in Washington D.C., where the shallow ceiling plenum between floors limited the use of other products. After research, prototypes, and testing, Krueger’s Engineering team successfully developed a product that met the customer’s needs, which resulted in several successful installations. The KLPS size 1 is now a standard product offering available to everyone.

Creating Revit Blocks

To achieve greater control and detail of your air distribution designs, use Krueger’s Revit Building Information Modeling (BIM) blocks. While we offer blocks for a variety of our products, for the terminal units specifically, our blocks are configured with unit specific information to help ensure that the product selection corresponds to the drawing information.

Learn more about about our available Revit blocks.

Providing Application Engineering Support

The primary responsibility of our Application Engineering team is to provide technical product support and assist in the proper selection and specification of Krueger air distribution products.

Working closely with Product Managers and Design Engineers, they aid in product development as well as the execution of special or custom orders. They also help to resolve challenging application opportunities, provide guidance, and are able to discuss solutions that may deliver more optimal results.


Krueger Demonstrations

During Krueger's Institute of Technology training sessions, our Engineering Team plays a large role in not only preparing the product demonstrations, but also presenting material and helping develop creative, hands-on exercises that are utilized throughout.


Krueger Custom Engineering Mockups

A large number of designers and facility managers have been witness to custom mockups (product demonstrations) to validate critical lab performance parameters. From laboratory modules to hospital operating rooms to vivaria, our Engineering Team is able to provide clients with the tools to determine the design best suited for their applications.


Krueger Product Testing

One of the most important functions of the Engineering Team is the role it plays in testing our products. Under controlled conditions and through adhering to industry standards, our Engineers generate performance data. Through careful evaluation, publication, and training, we aim to help engineers understand how our products will perform in real world applications.