5100 / 5100HF Series

5100 Series

Laminar Flow Diffusers

Features & Benefits

Welded Plenum

Fully welded plenum body and sealed inlet available in 304 stainless steel or aluminum.

Filter Monitoring

Filter pressure monitoring options include visual indicator light on unit, or pressure transducer for tie in and monitoring via BMS.

Easy Filter Change

Change out your HEPA or ULPA filters easily, as there are no required tools for installation or removal.

Three Face Capacities

Available with 13% (standard capacity), 23% (enhanced capacity), or 33% (maximum capacity) perf faces to accommodate a variety of critical environment applications.

Integral LED Lights

Simplify the ceiling with integral LED lights, which are available for most common module sizes.

Multiple Inner Baffles

Ensures a consistent laminar face discharge pattern and velocity.

Cable Operated Damper

We offer an optional cable operated butterfly damper, which is adjustable from the room side.

Aerosol Challenge Port

An optional dedicated aerosol challenge port and dispersion manifold allow easy leakage testing in the field.

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