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Low Profile VAV Fan Powered Terminal Unit, Variable or Parallel
The KLPP low profile parallel fan-powered terminal units offer excellent performance and affordability in a compact unit with optimum physical dimensions of 11” in unit height, which is useful where building height limits dictate shallow ceiling plenums. The KLPP is designed to maintain optimum temperatures in the conditioned zone through economical recirculation of plenum return air and accurate control of primary air (cooling) to the zone.

The Model KLPP features intermittent parallel fan operation. The KLPP is designed to maintain optimum occupant comfort levels by supplying cold primary air (VAV), warm induced plenum air, or a mixture of both to condition the space. The KLPP fan cycles on to satisfy zone heating requirements. Optional heating coils provide terminal heat only after the fan has cycled on. Primary air is modulated with direct digital, analog, or pneumatic pressure independent type controls.
  • 20 Gage Construction with Removable Bottom Service Panel
  • Dual Density Liner Standard, Optional Liners Available.
  • Pneumatic, Analog Electronic, or Direct Digital Controls (By Others)
  • Hot Water or Electric Heat with Magnetic Contactors or Solid State Relays Available
  • Fan Motor w/ Electronic Speed Control or ECM Motor, Airflow Capacities to 2060 CFM
  • AHRI and ETL Listed, Meets NFPA 90A, UL 181, and ASTM C 665 Requirements