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Aluminum Security Grille with Heavy Duty Bars (Mandrel Construction, Sleeve)
The 51350 series minimum security grilles feature heavy duty aluminum bars fixed at 0º with an extruded aluminum frame. This design allows for a secure area in a humid environment without the confining appearance of other security grilles. The aluminum fixed bars are reinforced by aluminum tubes utilizing mandrel construction, insuring the aluminum bars are not removable from the grille.
  • Supply / Return Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminum Bar Grille
  • Bars (3/16”x¾”) Set at 0° Deflection; Bar Spacing Set on ½” Centers
  • Aluminum Bars are Fastened to Frame Using Mandrel Construction
  • Stich Welded Sleeve Length of 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, or 18”
  • Available with Rear or Front Operated Damper
  • Optional Angled Frame, Anchor Bars, Round Security Bars, or Two Loose Angles
  • Standard Finish is British White