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Steel Supply and Return Security Grille with 14 Gauge Bars and #2 Wire Mesh (Sleeve)
The 1330 series medium/minimum security grilles feature a wire mesh placed behind a heavy duty bar grille with fixed 14 gage blades. This design allows for a secure area without the confining appearance of other security grilles. The heavy construction and wire mesh deter the insertion or concealment of dangerous objects and unwanted contraband.
  • Supply / Return, 40° Defelection Fixed Bar Security Grille
  • Steel Construction (16 Gage Frame and 14 Gage Blades)
  • Wire Mesh (10 Gage, #2 Wire) Inserted Between Mullion and Mesh Guard
  • Stich Welded Sleeve Length of 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, or 18”
  • Available with Rear or Front Operated Damper
  • Optional Angled Frame, Anchor Bars, Round Security Bars, or Two Loose Angles
  • Standard Finish is British White