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Aluminum Industrial Drum Louver
The DPL/DPL2 series drum louvers deliver air with extremely long throws, which makes them ideally suited for installation in large enclosures. Controlling length of the throw and direction is made possible by rotating the adjustable drum and louver vanes. The DPL2 offers a split vane for added control of airflow. The drum rotation features 60° angular adjustment of the jet centerline (30° up from centerline to 30° down). Combining these two features together, the DPL and DPL2 facilitate complete air coverage in the occupied area. Drum louvers may be mounted in either a horizontal or vertical position without affecting the distribution of air from the outlet, which offers architects and engineers unlimited application possibilities without location restrictions. As an added benefit, the long throws reduce costly branch ducting often required when other types of air outlets are employed.
  • Drum Punkah Louver
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Rotating Drum with Adjustable Deflection Vanes
  • Rotating Drum Permits 60° Angular Adjustment
  • Heavy Duty Steel Damper Easily Adjusted Through Face
  • Standard Finish is British White