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Steel Plenum Slot Diffuser (Fixed Blade)
The PTBSC series plenum slot diffuser features a curved blade that directs a horizontal discharge air pattern. The PTBSC blades are shipped attached to the unit and are non-removable. The plenum is an integral part of the diffuser and has a drawn inlet collar to prevent plenum air leakage. This design makes Krueger’s PTBSC series diffuser an ideal choice for perimeter areas that need horizontal discharged air and VAV cooling applications.
  • Fixed Horizontal Pattern Deflector, Steel Construction
  • Combination Slot Diffuser with Plenum for Lay-in T-bar Ceiling Systems
  • Inlet Collar Drawn from Diffuser Plenum Wall Eliminating Leakage
  • 1 Supply Slot with 24”, 36”, 48”, and 60” Length
  • Optional Factory Installed T-Bars, External Insulation and Quadrant Damper
  • Standard Finish is Black Face and Deflectors