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Steel and Aluminum Perforated Diffuser with Square Neck and Rotatable Stamped Core
The 56150 series perforated diffusers feature a unique, self-centering stamped core that rotates 45° for easy adjustment from cross flow to corner flow. The core is designed to maintain the set discharge air pattern while the individual blades may be easily adjusted if desired. The stamped curved blade core delivers pleasing aesthetics with a circle-in-square design and performance with typical isothermal throws of 8’ - 17’. This design makes Krueger’s 56150 series diffuser an ideal choice for modular office spaces where room airflow patterns can be adjusted according to cubicle layout.
  • One-piece, Stamped Core Rotates 45º to Obtain a 4-corner Discharge Air Pattern
  • Hinged, Removable Face with 51% Perforated Open Area
  • Various Frame Styles Available
  • Aluminum Face and Steel Backpan Construction
  • 6”x6”, 8”x8”, and 10”x10” Square Inlet Sizes
  • Panel Size: 24”x24”
  • Standard Finish is British White