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Stainless Steel Radial Face Critical Room Diffuser with HEPA Filter Brackets (Drop Face)
The Total Air Diffuser (TAD) is a patented radial flow diffuser designed for critical spaces with stringent ventilation requirements. It features a non-aspirating, forced displacement, radial design. Air flows from the TAD diffuser in a radial pattern, displacing large volumes of air out and away from the diffuser. This forced displacement of air prevents entrainment of room air which may be contaminated with pollutants. The TAD is an excellent choice for clean air environment applications. With proper application, the TAD provides superior draft reduction for high air change rate environments such as animal rooms, laboratories, and hospitals. The TAD’s aluminum and stainless steel construction option makes the TAD diffuser an excellent choice for corrosive environments. The Krueger Technology Center is well equipped for TAD performance?demonstrations. Virtually any application can be modeled in this facility.
  • Drop Face, High Volume, Low Velocity Radial Diffuser, Stainless Steel Construction
  • 1- Way (90°) Deflection on Panel Sizes 24x24 and 24x48
  • 2-Way (180°) Deflection on Panel Sizes 24x24 and 24x48
  • HEPA Filter Brackets Provided for Knife Edge Gel Seal Filter (By Others)
  • Quick-Open Fasteners, Hanger Tabs, and Safety Wires Included
  • Lay-in and Surface Mount Options
  • Standard Finish is Mill