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Low Profile DOAS Fan Powered Terminal Unit, Constant or Series
The KLPS-D is a chilled series fan terminal unit designed to work with a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS). The KLPS-D offers a sensible only cooling coil installed on the induced air inlet. It comes in three sizes to accommodate any zone requirement or ceiling height restriction. The size 1 unit is only 8 5/8” tall and is designed to handle a small zone. The size 3 unit is 11” tall and will accommodate small to medium zones and the size 5 unit is 17” tall and will handle larger zones. The primary air inlet is sized to handle the fresh air zone ventilation requirements supplied from a DOAS air handler. The return air from the ceiling plenum passes through the sensible cooling coil and mixes with a fresh air provided by the primary inlet and supplies the required amount of conditioned air into the zone. The standard hot water and electric heat options are also available making the KLPS-D the ultimate single design solution for a buildings heating and cooling needs.
  • 20 Gage Construction with Removable Bottom Service Panel
  • Dual Density Liner Standard, Optional Liners Available
  • Cooling Coil Designed to Handle Sensible Cooling Load in the Space
  • Hot Water or Electric Heat with Magnetic Contactors or Solid State Relays Available
  • ECM Motor w/ manual VCU or Remote ACU Speed Controller, Airflow Capacities to 1550 CFM
  • ETL Listed, Meets NFPA 90A, UL 181, and ASTM C 665 Requirements