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Steel Perforated Diffuser with Face Mounted Deflectors and Fiberglass Backpan
The 6300 series features modular air pattern controllers mounted to the backside of the perforated face and a molded fiberglass backpan prescored for spin in collars (provided by others) to help meet the stocking requirements independent of round duct connection size. The 6300 series exhibit typical isothermal throws of 10’ to 13’ for 4-way air distribution and 21’ to 27’ for 1-way air distribution. The vapor barrier created with the fiberglass backpan makes the 6300 series a great choice for ducted return air systems and high humidity environments. Matching return unit is the 6390 series.
  • Modular Pattern Deflectors Mounted on Back of Face
  • Steel Face with Fiberglass Backpan
  • Discharge Air Patternis 4-way (Adjustable for 1, 2, and 3-way Patterns in Field)
  • Prescored Fiberglass Backpan Identifies and Facilitates Field Cutting of Inlet
  • 24”x24” Panel for Lay-in T-bar Ceiling Systems
  • Standard Finish is British White