Soundspec Electronic Tool

Design for building sound requirements.

The Soundspec Program

SoundSpec Tool

This program assists the design engineer by providing a text specification for a VAV unit. Sound Power is based on an industry standard. (ARI Standard 885-2008). The program is a copy (unpack the self extracting zip file, located here on the Krueger website) and execute program (It doesn’t have to be installed).

When all the variables below have been set up, a text file will be generated with a guide specification for maximum allowed sound power based on 885-2008 parameters.

Note that the program asks for design duct static pressure. This value is not used in the specification, but is required if sound power is to be calculated.

Clicking on the process button will generate a text file, listing the assumptions and providing specification text:

Based on these assumptions, neither Radiated or Discharge Unit Sound Power shall exceed the following levels at an inlet pressure listed above:

Octave Band: 2 3 4 5 6 7
Radiated Pwl ,dB: 17 18 19 25 30 33
Discharge Pwl ,dB: 14 21 33 47 50 34

Both Radiated and Discharge Sound Power shall be based on the most current ARI Certified data, as reflected in the most current Certified Product Directory.

Note that this program includes a full help module.

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