Color Chart

*All finish types shown are not available with all products.

All colors shown serve as a guide only. For other paint selections or paint matching, setup fees may apply. Please contact your local Krueger Representative for an actual sample.

Product Finishes

Krueger has a broad range of liquid and powder paint solutions available, as well as custom color matching to meet the needs of most air distribution applications. Additionally, we offer a variety of Aluminum anodized colors for customers who may require the aesthetics and surface characteristics which these finishes offer.

Applied in our state-of-the-art paint facilities, Krueger product finishes take full advantage of the most current, cutting-edge technology available. From standard paint finishes, custom color matching, antimicrobial powder paint coatings, and Aluminum anodizing, Krueger has a product finish that is right for you.

Standard Liquid Paint


Krueger’s standard paint selections use an anodic electrocoating process that produces a durable, thorough, controllable, corrosion-resistant finish on all products.

Method of Application

After assembly, products are washed, rinsed, pretreated with zirconium phosphate, and then rinsed again. They are then suspended from an anodic hook and dipped into a high performance electrocoating tank. Following electrocoating, products are dried and baked in a forced air oven at a peak temperature of 310°F until cured.

Standard Powder Paint


Krueger’s powder paint coatings are aesthetically pleasing, provide excellent physical and chemical resistance properties, and produce a durable uniform finish. Additionally, they are antiseptically manufactured to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of the commercial, industrial, healthcare and laboratory markets, and are used exclusively on Krueger’s world-class critical environment diffusers.

Method of Application

After assembly, products go through a multi-staged wash and pretreat system, are oven dried, then coated with 2.0 to 3.0 mils of powder paint. The products then move through an oven and are baked at a temperature of 425°F until fully cured.

Antimicrobial Powder Coat

Krueger’s antimicrobial powder coat paints help reduce the undesirable effects of odors and stains caused by bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi on the coating. They also resist fingerprints and smudges, which help them stay cleaner between scheduled routine maintenance. When cleaning is necessary, they can be wiped down with a mild soap and water solution.

Antimicrobials within the paint decrease microbial growth by disrupting the microorganisms when they make contact with the surface. A short period of time after contact, the bacteria levels begin to reduce to unmeasurable levels*. Even better, these coatings are environmentally friendly and are considered to be RoHS and REACH-compliant solutions.

*DISCLAIMER: This product is formulated with antimicrobials to help suppress the growth of odor and stain-causing microorganisms on the coating. It is not intended as a substitute for good hygiene or to prevent foodborne or infectious illnesses.

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