KHG* Series A

KHG* - Series A

New and Improved Horizontal High Capacity Fan Coils




Horizontal High Capacity Fan Coil Unit, Exposed Cabinet



Horizontal High Capacity Fan Coil Unit, Concealed with Plenum



Horizontal High Capacity Fan Coil Unit, Concealed Ceiling

Features & Benefits

Electrical Enclosure

The electrical enclosure features bottom access with additional side access to all electric heat and control components. Terminal strips are furnished for simple power and control wiring connections. Multiple knockouts allow wiring entries from either side of the compartment.


1" throwaway filters are tight fitting to prevent air bypass. Filters are easily removable from the bottom without the need for tools. The filter rack is convertible from rear to bottom return without the need for additional parts. Optional 1” and 2” MERV 8 pleated filters are available for use with the KHGP unit.

Mixing Box

The optional fully insulated mixing box section comes completely assembled to the KHGP unit, featuring low leakage, heavy gauge steel dampers with integral linkage. Damper positioning is field configurable and bottom filter access is standard. An optional factory provided and installed damper actuator is also available.

Drain Pan

Standard drain pans are externally insulated, single wall galvanized steel with an option for stainless steel. Drain pans are available with secondary drain connection. On concealed models, the KHG Series A drain pan is easily removable for cleaning.