KHF* Series A

KHF* - Series A

New and Improved Horizontal Standard Fan Coils




Horizontal Standard Fan Coil Unit, Exposed Cabinet



Horizontal Standard Fan Coil Unit, Concealed with Plenum



Horizontal Standard Fan Coil Unit, Concealed Ceiling

Features & Benefits

Electrical Enclosure

The bottom access electrical enclosure with additional side access provides access to a spacious electrical compartment. This compartment houses electric heat and control components. Terminal strips are furnished for simple power and control wiring connections. Multiple knockouts allow wiring entries from either side of the compartment.


1" throwaway filters are tight fitting to prevent air bypass. Filters are easily removable from the bottom of the unit.


All fan coils are available in 2 or 4-pipe configurations. The heating coil may be placed in the reheat or preheat position. Heating and cooling coils are available with right, left or opposite side connections.

Drain Pan

The KHF Series A drain pan is easily removable for cleaning, utilizing a patent-pending tool-free design. Standard drain pans are single wall galvanized steel with an option for stainless steel. Drain pans are available with a secondary drain connection. All drain pans are externally insulated with closed cell foam.

Telescoping Bottom Panel

The telescoping bottom panel allows for fully recessing the unit while permitting service access into the ceiling plenum. The architectural ceiling panel is finished with a durable powder coat paint.

Fan Deck

The fan assembly is easily removed without disconnecting the ductwork for service access to motors and blowers at or away from the unit.

Factory Mounted Valve Packages

Factory assembled valve packages ensure high quality control and leak detection. Valve packages can be factory mounted or shipped loose for field installation.

Gull Wing Design

Both KHFE side panels are hinged and can swing open to provide spacious access to service the valve package and electrical enclosure. For width restricted applications, the side panels can be completely removed while maintaining structural integrity of the unit.