FRAMEWORX: Heavy-Duty Ceiling Grid for Critical Environments


Heavy-Duty Ceiling Grid for Critical Environments

Features & Benefits

FrameWorx Heavy Duty Rated

ASTM 635C Heavy-Duty Rated

Heavy duty, extruded aluminum suspended ceiling system designed to support critical environment diffusers, blank-off panels, and light fixtures.

FrameWorx Modular Construction

Modular Welded Construction

Individual sections fabricated up to 5' x 10' as standard for ease of transporting, handling, and installing.

FrameWorx Ease of Installation

Ease of Installation

3/4" half tee frame with "Lock-Align" design for positive alignment mating sections. Half tee clamps secure neighboring sections and can be positioned anywhere within the grid system.

FrameWorx Custom Design

Custom Design

Krueger provides job specific, custom engineered approval drawings.

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