Product Opportunities to Earn LEED Points

Environmentally friendly solutions
Krueger Green Terminal Unit Product Solutions

Terminal Unit Options / Choices

Krueger offers energy-efficient ECM motors throughout its entire line of fan powered terminal units. We were the first manufacturer with an ECM motor option on parallel fan units. Whether you are meeting new municipal requirements, or the total building energy reduction requirements of both LEED -CI and -NC rating manuals, ECM motors can help.

Gone are the days when mercury contactors were the only option for silent staged heating. As part of our GreenTouch Initiative, Krueger is replacing mercury contactors with AC Solid State Relays . At no extra cost, we can offer you a better solution that is environmentally friendly.

Krueger's patented LineaHeatTM proportional electric reheat coil offers an inexpensive solution to meet the latest ASHRAE Standard 62.1, which limits the discharge air temperature to 90°F. The updated Standard 62.1–2004 lists overhead heating requirements in Table 6.2 and is referenced in both the LEED-NC and LEED-CI rating procedures in both IEQ Prerequisite 1 and IEQ Credit 2. LineaHeat achieves energy savings by sending a pulse width modulated signal with infinite adjustment to provide the exact amount of heat required.

A MERV 8 Filter is available on Krueger fan powered terminal units with an ECM motor. Placing a MERV 8 Filter on the induced air inlet of a fan box will earn you a LEED-NC Point for IEQ Credit 3.1.

Krueger Green Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) Product Solution

Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS)

Krueger's DOAS unit offers a flexible design that lets you go green. The system easily adapts to changing occupancy requirements. Krueger's DOAS fan powered terminal unit features an ECM motor which has the potential to reduce fan energy. Even better, it has a minimal inlet pressure (about 0.1" Ps). These features will significantly lower the DOAS total system pressure and provide more savings for the building owner.

Krueger by Halton Green Chilled Beam Product Solution

Chilled Beams

Chilled beam technology has recently gained the attention of our industry due to the potential energy savings associated with using water in combination with air to condition the space. Chilled beams adapt easily to many different energy sources and provide the flexibility to meet many room layout applications.

With the optional integral supplemental cooling valve, additional conditioned air can be supplied to the space during high occupancy periods, then reduced during unoccupied periods to minimize unnecessary energy consumption and sub-cooling of the space.

Krueger by Halton Green Displacement Ventilation Product Solution

Displacement Ventilation

Displacement ventilation offers quality solutions for high ceiling applications such as lobbies, theaters, conference rooms, along with industrial applications where high contaminant loads exist. As the conditioned supply air moves across the floor, contaminants and excess heat are displaced into the stratified zone to be exhausted, resulting in a much cleaner occupied zone when compared to conventional overhead mixed air distribution systems. Displacement ventilation systems require less cooling energy and take advantage of longer free cooling periods.

Krueger Green Underfloor Product Solutions

Underfloor / Raised Floor Products

Krueger offers a complete line of underfloor pressurized-plenum air distribution (UFAD) products , including a unique mixing unit for supplying air to the underfloor plenum. These products are part of a system that is eligible for LEED points for both Occupant Environmental Control and Resource Reuse Credits.

Krueger VAV Diffuser (VPQ) Product Solutions

VAV Diffusers

Krueger's VPQ architectural VAV plaque diffuser provides building occupants the ability to control their individual space based on their own comfort needs. HVAC systems designed to include these VAV diffusers will help to achieve 1 Point for IEQ Credit 6.2.