Krueger Technology Center

Showcasing Krueger products and capabilities.

Research, Development, and Testing Facilities

Krueger Engineering Specials

Facility Renovations of 2012

Based on 50+ years of experience in Tucson, AZ, testing and demonstrating Krueger products, Krueger’s new Research, Development, and Demonstration Center has incorporated a number of various cells and labs to showcase and evaluate Krueger products. The facility features open ceilings, not only for aesthetics, but to display the complex duct systems required to supply the various spaces with conditioned air.

Throw Bay

The unique air flow characteristics of each Krueger diffuser, grille and register are measured in the Primary Test Room. Visitors to the Technology Center use this area to gather throw (velocity) data and to visualize air flow patterns.

Performance data can be obtained over a wide range of operating conditions. For instance, performance data for a diffuser can be acquired during cooling, heating or isothermal conditions at any air flow and operating pressure. Outside conditions are simulated using a thermal wall, capable of simulating outside air temperatures of -10° F to 115° F.

Reverberation Chamber

The Reverb Room is key for the acoustical testing of air distribution products. Its construction, like our previous Reverb Room in Tucson, AZ, began by physically isolating the floor and ceiling from the rest of the building’s structure to eliminate any structure induced sound intrusions. The new room is larger, which allows us to test larger pieces of equipment, provides more accurate low frequency sound data acquisition, and gives us the ability to test at higher airflows. We also enhanced the silencing to reduce the possibility of supply-fan generated sound reaching the test chamber.

Before the room could be used to test products, it was independently tested for compliance to the Engineering Accuracy of the ANSI Specifications for reverb rooms.

Specialty Products

The Krueger Specialty Products Demonstration area is a showcase for special and innovative air distribution concepts. Separated from the main Throw Bay by a Cold Wall, the room is configured with fully operational ceiling mounted Chilled Beams, both active and passive. The room has the capability to adjust humidity levels in the space to demonstrate the performance of the Chilled Beams at different design conditions.

Feeding the DesignFlo® along the Cold Wall is the KLPS-D Chilled Series Fan Powered Terminal Unit designed for DOAS applications. This unit features a cooling coil that, much like a Chilled Beam, provides sensible cooling to the space, making it a natural partner to use with Chilled Beams on a project.

The room also features a raised floor that is configured to demonstrate different design solutions for raised floor applications. There is a pressurized plenum that supplies FPD-R swirl outlets. There are several types of VAV terminal units located beneath the floor that supply different layouts of FPD-D/FPD-HC plenums for 1850 linear bar grille diffusers.

The final product that is featured in this room is Displacement Ventilation. The room can be configured to demonstrate different models and layouts of Displacement Ventilation units to show the performance.

Hospital Operating Room Environment

The Krueger Operating Room (OR) Demonstration Cell contains a full scale Sterilflo® OR Air Distribution System. (This consists of both the center laminar flow panels over the operating table, the proprietary air curtain around the operating theater, and low sidewall room exhausts.) The room has typical airflow obstructions often found in operating rooms, including special surgical lights that are mounted on movable booms.

The demonstration area has a separate space for showcasing the performance of a 4’ x 8’ array of laminar flow diffusers or fan filter units. This array is located within the same space for direct comparison with the Sterilflo® System, as the use of laminar arrays is typical in some OR air distribution layouts. Additionally, Krueger is able to mock-up a work bench under the array to further demonstrate clean room products in more realistic environments.

Clean Room Environment & Laboratory

The Critical Room Lab Mock-up space shows how Krueger’s critical environment products can provide a safe environment for scientists working with fume hoods in laboratory spaces. The room contains two variable volume fume hoods as well as a biological safety cabinet. The air is supplied through a Total Air Diffuser® (TAD) and a Radiaflo™ ceiling mounted radial displacement air outlet.

Providing a non-inductive air supply into the room assures that no contaminants will be drawn out of an open fume hood by drafts created by the air supply system. The room has sufficient flexibility to be configured for a wide variety of real-world situations to provide a realistic preview of any design configuration, including supply-exhaust tracking and other conditions.

Insitu Room

The In-Situ Acoustical Evaluation Room simulates a standard conference room in an office building, which is typically the most critical acoustical space in an office. The room exhibits the acoustical predictions in AHRI 885. For most applications, AHRI 885 has shown to be able to predict sound levels in the room with great accuracy.

Designed after a requirement for an acoustical mock-up for an office in New York in the early 1980’s, this room (at its particular size) has become a de facto standard for evaluating the radiated sound of fan powered terminals. Measuring 2400 cubic feet, with a 9 foot suspended ceiling of standard mineral tile, it has an open plenum depth of 36”. This requirement has since been adopted by acousticians, building owners, and mechanical engineers for many projects over the past 30 years.

The Krueger facility has the capability of rapidly changing the terminal unit installed above the ceiling. This allows for the evaluation of multiple units during a single visit by a prospective customer. The air supply is designed to be quiet and the discharge can control static pressure, diverting a percentage of air back into the space.

Product Showcase & Training Room

Featuring theater-style seating, Krueger’s Training Center is well equipped to handle large training groups up to 40 people. This room contains an overhead projector and 150” motorized screen. Indirect lighting and Armstrong® Soundscapes® acoustical sound panels have been installed across the ceiling for sound absorption and aesthetics. The audio system consists of four speakers, an amplifier, and two microphones, all of which are capable of presenting different sound levels for educational purposes.