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"Our customers are at the cornerstone of everything we do. A relentless effort to educate and find innovative ways to make it easy to do business with us drives Krueger each day."

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Krueger’s culture is distinctly different. It’s one that stems from a clear vision and unshakable confidence to pave the way forward. It’s customer-focused, team-oriented, and rooted with strong values. It’s a willingness to continually improve and learn, embracing technology, innovation, creativity, and diversity. And it remains fueled by a passion for what we do each day, which is to provide unique solutions, deliver memorable experiences, and build strong relationships.

We’re excited about your interest in Krueger and welcome the opportunity to work together.

Our Representatives

Krueger representatives, located throughout North America and internationally, are a valuable resource available to assist you with design, application, and product questions, as well as pricing and lead time requests. Their partnership with Krueger offers an intimate understanding of air distribution needs within each market as well as the various solutions that are available.

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Our Facility

Krueger's facility allows us the opportunity to showcase our products as well as perform critical performance testing.

Training Room
Hospital Operating Room
Throw Bay
Specialty Products Room
Equipment Display
Fan Coil Display
Insitu Room
Reverb Room

Our Manufacturing Locations

Regionalized factory locations to serve you better.

Our Quick Reference Product Catalog

As the name implies, it's not your traditional product catalog. It's in fact a distinctly different way of providing product information, where we have pulled together the most critical components from our full Product Catalog and packaged them into an easy-to-use book to keep on your desk or desktop for easy reference.


  • Includes all products, from air distribution to equipment
  • Lightweight, softbound, under 3 lbs per copy
  • Ease of navigation through visual formatting
  • Includes critical product information and new design data
  • Includes supplemental application and design information
  • Digital references, including QR codes

If you would rather have a digital version, we have that available too! Simply click the button below to download.

Our Online Product Catalog

Find product information quickly and efficiently with Krueger's online Product Catalog.

SEARCH BY APPLICATION: Whether you are looking for an air distribution solution for an office, hospital, school or other application, you need only select the application and you will be presented with a variety of products from our full offering.

SEARCH BY PRODUCT GROUP: If you know what type of product, but maybe not the exact model, it's easy to step into any one of our product groups to view all available models.

FILTER RESULTS: When viewing products within product or application groups, you have access to a variety of filters to help narrow down the exact models that fit your requirements.

SWITCH BETWEEN PRODUCTS: Once you've selected a model and viewed the page, it then becomes quickly accessible through the history of "previously viewed" product links, making it a snap to go back and forth between different products.

GO DIRECT TO MODELS/GROUPS: If you know the specific model or product group, there are convenient pull-down menus that allow you to jump directly to the desired model or group.

Our Software & E-Tools

We have a number of different software applications available to help you select and specify air distribution solutions more efficiently. All items, including those featured below, can be found under the "Software" menu.

K-SELECT: This program allows you to select and specify Krueger grilles, registers, diffusers, terminal units, and fan coil products.

K-HIT: This program allows you to select and specify Krueger chilled beams and displacent diffusers. Features include a room view with air distribution patterns to aid in the design of the space.

COMFORT TOOL: This program is based on the ASHRAE Comfort Standard (55-2004) and can help you determine the acceptable limits of temperature, airspeed, and humidity for building occupants in both mechanically and naturally conditioned spaces.

AHRI 885 CALCULATOR: Based on your inputs, this program will provide you with discharge, radiated, and room sound values. Features include graphical representations of data.

ROOM SOUND CALCULATOR: This program computes NC, RC, and dBA values from known room sound pressure levels. Features include graphical representation of data.

REVIT BIM BLOCKS: Krueger has a large library of blocks that can be downloaded individually or in groups.

AutoCAD FOOTPRINTS: Download all terminal unit files at once or individually, as needed.

Our Published Articles & White Papers

Increase your level of knowledge with Krueger's large library of published articles and white papers.

Our Latest Videos

Next Gen Laminar Diffusers

Learn about all the features and options of Krueger's new 5100 series, next generation laminar flow diffusers.

Energy Saving Terminal

Learn more about Krueger's LMHS-LC, high performance, large casing single duct terminal unit. Its larger coils provide opportunities for greater energy saving potential.

Specialty Ceiling Grid

Learn more about Krueger's FrameWorx ceiling grid for critical room applications. Durable and easy to install, it's a reliable solution each and every time.

Our History

1948 - Krueger is founded by Leo Krueger

Leo Krueger emigrated from Latvia, where he had been trained as a machinist and mechanic. After living in Detroit, MI for a period of time, he settled in Tucson, AZ, where he went to work for one of the largest sheet metal contractors in the area. He designed the tooling for a line of residential grilles for use with evaporative coolers, which was a regionally new product at that time.

After two years, Leo’s employer offered him the tooling and equipment used to make the residential products for $500. It was this investment that allowed him to start his own company out of his garage, then called Krueger Manufacturing Co.

1950's - Entrance into the Commercial Marketplace

Introduced in the late 1950’s, Leo Krueger’s first foray into the commercial market began with the predecessor of what is known today as the model 800 series grille. During that same time, the SH diffuser was released to the marketplace. Both products have remained incredibly popular in today’s engineering specifications.

1960's - First Test Lab & Performance Data Gathering

A new line of 4200/4500 series perforated diffusers were introduced in the mid 1960’s that were designed in part with the engineering department at the University of Arizona. It was during this time that Krueger began to establish credibility through the development of the first test lab and production of genuine product performance data.

Krueger went on to purchase Thermotank and soon introduced the Con-VolMatic (CVM), which was Krueger’s first terminal unit, featuring constant volume and variable temperature.

1970's - Defining Operating Room Air Distribution

Early in the 1970’s, Krueger developed the Sterilflo®, which is the only operating room particulate control system to have ever been tested and certified during live surgeries. As an advanced product for its time, it is still a leading air distribution solution for critical surgical spaces today.

Also developed in the 1970’s was the Con-Vol (CV), which was Krueger’s first variable air volume (VAV) terminal unit and predecessor of today’s series of LMH terminal units.

1980's - New Found Manufacturing Efficiencies

In 1984, through a joint operation of Krueger and TSI of Minneapolis, the Omni Directional Anemometer was invented. Omni probes used in labs today continue to be a direct descendent of this development and are the industry standard.

Throughout the 1980’s, Krueger continued to grow their product offering, introducing the Total Air Diffuser (TAD) in 1985, which was later featured in Krueger’s first electronic Product Catalog that same year.

After the acquisition in 1986 by Philips, Krueger enjoyed increased manufacturing efficiencies and investment capital, which was not only a springboard to additional brand growth, but allowed them to remodel their test lab two decades after its inception in 1989.

1990's - Investment for Expansion and Brand Visibility

Tomkins, a global engineering and manufacturing group in the United Kingdom, acquired Philips in 1990, placing Krueger under the care of Air System Components (ASC). With the additional support and resources available, Krueger was given the opportunity to renovate their lab and construct their first in-situ and critical rooms in 1996.

During the late 1990’s, Krueger released the DesignFlo®. This architectural linear slot diffuser still remains in high demand today with a wide variety of options.

2000's - Increase in Development & Product Breadth

As Krueger moved into the next millennia, they released several new products, beginning with the KQFS and KQFP in 2000, which were the quietest fan terminal units in the industry. In 2002, the Prism™ diffuser was introduced, allowing architects to coordinate air distribution with a building’s decor. Then in 2004, LineaHeat™ (now patented) for terminal units was launched as the only true proportional electronic heat option available in the marketplace. Towards the end of the decade in 2009, Krueger expanded their product offering with the CRFF fan filter unit.

2010's - The Evolution of Air Distribution

Beginning in 2010, Krueger embarked on a major evolution of their product portfolio, entering into new product segments, such as Chilled Beams and Displacement Ventilation. That same year, they introduced the environmentally friendly KLPS-D and KQFS-FA terminal units.

By late 2011, they added Fan Coils to their offering while underway with the relocation of their engineering department and development of a new state-of-the-art test lab and training facility from Tucson, AZ to Richardson, TX.

Formal agreements were solidified in late 2012 that dissolved Tomkins and created Air Distribution Technologies, Inc., (ADTI) under which ASC and its brands reside.

2020's - Joining the Johnson Controls Family of Brands

Krueger, as a part of ADTI, was acquired and sold by different Canadian investment organizations after 2012. In 2016, ADTI was acquired by Johnson Controls, a multi-billion dollar international company that offers the world's largest portfolio of building products, technologies, software, and services. Today, Krueger continues to establish their roots and grow within the Global Building Products division.

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