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Mixing Fan Powered Terminal Unit
The KUFM fan powered terminal unit is designed for commercial building spaces which require variable speed, parallel fan powered terminal units designed to provide pressure and temperature control for an underfloor plenum. These terminal units are primarily used for plenums serving interior zones, where a combination of primary air mixed with recirculated air provides proper plenum pressure, temperature and ventilation. They may also be used in conjunction with a separate perimeter heating system to condition exterior zones. The control can provide variable air volume control of the primary air during both cooling and heating. The fan provides plenum temperature control by varying the amount of recirculated air introduced into the plenum, while primary air damper simultaneously maintains the plenum pressure by controlling the amount of primary air introduced into the plenum. As the zone’s cooling load decreases, the fan speed increases which increases the amount of recirculated air drawn in from the ceiling plenum. Simultaneously, the amount of primary air is reduced to maintain a constant plenum pressure. A wall mounted space temperature sensor located in the zone will sense load requirements. The terminal unit fan will operate whenever the primary air source is operating.