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Underfloor VAV Fan Powered Booster Terminal Unit
The KBF booster fan powered terminal unit is designed for commercial building underfloor plenum applications requiring temperature control and may require a source of auxiliary heat. These terminal units are typically located in a perimeter zone which may require heat when other portions of the building may require cooling. The heat may be recaptured heat from the underfloor plenum, heat from a water or electric coil attached to the unit, or a combination of the two depending upon load conditions.

The unit runs at a constant volume so when heat is not energized, the unit can boost the plenum air to discharge up along the perimeter glass to help offset skin cooling loads.
  • Raised Floor Booster Fan Powered Terminal Unit
  • 20 Gage Construction with Removable Top Service Panel, Unit Height is 14” or 16”
  • Pneumatic, Analog Electronic, or Direct Digital Controls (By Others)
  • Hot Water or Electrical Auxiliary Heat Available
  • Applicable when Used in 24”x24” Raised Floor Grid System
  • Fan Motor w/ Electronic Speed Control or ECM Motor, Airflow Capacities to 2800 CFM
  • Tested in Accordance to ARI Standard 880 and ETL Listed