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Underfloor Swirl Diffuser (Polymeric Construction, Fire Rated)
Krueger’s FPDFR-R curved slot, fire rated, helical air pattern diffusers are designed for interior spaces where the environment requires a greater degree of flexibility to easily adapt to changing floor layouts in underfloor installations. The FPDFR-R comes with an integral dirt receptacle that catches debris from passing traffic and is easily removable for cleaning. The integral dirt receptacle also functions as a volume damper, which may be adjusted by rotating the face of the FPDFR-R giving the occupant greater (perceived) temperature control.
  • Removable, Curved Slot Core, Helical Diffusers for Raised Floor Systems
  • External Damper Indicator with Internal Damper Stop
  • Extra Wide Trim Ring Flange Prevents Carpet from Pulling Away from Diffuser
  • Debris Collection Receptacle May Be Easily Removed for Cleaning
  • Diffusers May Be Installed After Flooring and Carpet Installation are Complete
  • High-impact Polycarbonate Construction Meets NFPA 90B Structural Requirements
  • Standard Finish is Black or Gray (Custom Colors Available)
  • Made of Fire Rated Material Complying with NFPA 90A