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Stainless Steel Door Grille with Single Flat Frame
The 9700 series transfer grilles are designed to ensure visual privacy while providing air circulation from one area to another. The 9700 provides a single side mounting frame for use where appearance is an issue on only one side, as in a utility or storage closet. The 9700A provides a double sided mounting frame (with no deflectors) to fit varying door thickness (minimum 2”), where a finished look is required on both sides, as in an office or kitchen door. The 9700D is a double core configuration to give the appearance of a finished grille on both sides. The sight–proof blade configuration and unobtrusive appearance make Krueger’s 9700 series grille an ideal choice for wall or door air transfer from room to room.
  • Sight-Proof Door Grille
  • Single Core with Flat Frame
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction (Optional 316 Stainless Steel)
  • Z-Shaped Deflection Vanes Set on 1” Centers
  • Minimum Unit Size is 4”x4” with a Maximum Single Unit Size of 48”x60”
  • Standard Finish is #3 Satin Polish