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Aluminum Louvered Face Diffuser with Round Neck and Center Downblow (Flush Face)
The 5SHR/CAD square diffuser with a round neck is one of Krueger’s most unique diffusers. It has a volume controlled, center down-blow section to provide spot air distribution directly under the diffuser. The 5SHR/CAD includes manually adjustable pattern controllers mounted between the core and frame to provide additional vertical air distribution in high ceiling applications with ceiling heights ranging from 10 - 20 feet. Additionally, this diffuser has a 1/4” horizontal lip on all sides of the louvered core, which gives it a tight horizontal discharge air pattern at the ceiling.
  • Core is Removable from Face of Diffuser
  • 14", 16" or 18" Round Inlet
  • Pattern Controllers are Standard and Field Adjustable
  • Aluminum Construction
  • 24”x24” Panel for Lay-in T-bar Ceiling Systems
  • Aluminum Eggcreate Center Dampered for Adjustable Down Blow Volume
  • Standard Finish is British White