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Architectural Diffusers
Diffusers in this group include plaque-face, swirl-face, as well as thermal VAV diffusers.
Louvered-Face Diffusers
Products in this group include options for center downblow, pattern controllers and center plaques.
Perforated-Face Diffusers
These products are often specified to give the ceiling a look of an unbroken plane.
Modular Core Diffusers
These products combine excellent performance with on-the-job flexibility.
Linear Slot Diffusers
Linear diffusers integrate seamlessly into their surroundings, creating long continuous runs.
Plenum Slot Diffusers
Krueger plenum slot diffusers have the plenum integrated into the diffuser, which simplifies installation.
Round Diffusers
These diffusers feature a clean, round shape with adjustable discharge patterns with either coned or plaque faces.
Air Nozzles
Krueger's selection of concentric ring and punkah air nozzles offer excellent spot cooling or heating.