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Aluminum Supply System for Operating Rooms
Sterilflex™ is a modular operating room particulate control air distribution system that provides the best performance in the industry. Constructed completely of aluminum, Sterilflex™ offers a well built, competitively priced product. Based on the performance of the Sterilflo® system, which is the still the only operating room particle control system ever tested in the operating room during actual surgery and has remained unchanged since 1967, the Sterilflex™ provides our air curtain’s unique ability to draw contaminated particles from the sterile field, allowing it to meet the most stringent standard for microbiological air cleanliness.
  • Modular Operating Room Particulate Control Air Distribution System
  • Aluminum Construction and Improved Seismic Resistance
  • Integra-Grid Ceiling Frame Insures a Fast, Accurate Installation
  • Compatible with Sheetrock and T-Bar Ceiling Types
  • Large Plenum Sizing with Multiple Inlet Location Options
  • Lay-in Faces
  • Standard Finish is British White