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Product Categories
Improve indoor air distribution with Krueger's wide selection of ceiling diffusers.
Products in this group include linear bar, security, industrial, duct mounted, transfer, and stainless steel grilles.
Find all the necessary accessories needed for Krueger air distribution products in this group.
Terminal Units
Types of terminal units in this group single duct, dual duct, fan powered as well as retrofit products.
Fan Coils
These products feature horizontal and vertical builds to provide flexiblity in your applications.
Blower Coils
The Krueger blower coil family is designed for providing airflow and capacities for multiple spaces.
Air Handling Units
Improve the efficiency of your HVAC system with Krueger's air handling unit.
Critical Room
These products are for critical environments with stringent air distribution requirements.
Chilled Beams
These products are designed to maximize thermal comfort, indoor air quality, and energy savings.
These products are designed to increase indoor air quality, as they work to lift contaminants up out of the occupant space.
These products provide occupants greater control of their thermal comfort and work well in high churn areas.
Find a wide variety of application and engineering information on a variety of products.