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Steel Round Diffuser with Center Downblow (Industrial)
Krueger’s R1DBR10 round ceiling diffusers are designed for applications that require heavy duty construction featuring a ring operator which is fully adjustable with a pole operator. Discharge patterns can be adjusted from full horizontal to full vertical blow patterns. At the full vertical setting, the diffuser forces the air in a long downward projection. The result is effective heating and spot cooling from high mounting locations. The R1DBR10 is especially suitable for installation in factories, warehouses, convention halls, coliseums and shopping malls where ceilings are high and conditions may vary.
  • Steel Construction
  • Deep, One-piece Outer Cone Improves Anti-smudge Protection
  • Ring Operator for Down Blow Section Adjusted from Face of Diffuser
  • 360° Discharge Air Pattern
  • Duct Sizes range from 10” to 36”
  • Standard Finish is British White