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Steel Diffuser with Arcuate Plaque Face and Center Appliqué
Krueger’s Prism diffuser represents a new way of thinking about today’s air distribution. Instead of concealing the diffuser, as many have in the past, Krueger has chosen to use it as a tool to compliment the interior design in your office or work environment without sacrificing aesthetics. The Prism’s structure is created from a one-piece, steel stamped face that locks into a one-piece, steel stamped round or square neck backpan. The face is removable for easy access to neck mounted dampers and is offered separately to retrofit most snap-in, perforated series ceiling diffusers. (Contact Krueger for your specific application needs.) Offering a high induction, 4-way horizontal blow pattern, the Prism delivers excellent room air mixing, which makes it superior for VAV applications. Additionally, the Prism has comparable sound performance to traditional square ceiling diffusers.