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Steel VAV Diffuser with Removable Square Ceiling Tile
The AVDT architectural VAV diffuser provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance with zone temperature control. The AVDT provides a frame that accepts a ceiling tile (by others) to form the plaque face. The diffuser discharges air horizontal to the ceiling, causing secondary air circulation and mixing. The AVDT is a totally self-contained and self-powered VAV diffuser that require no electrical wiring. The matching non-VAV diffuser for the AVDT is the ASDT.
  • VAV Cooling (Constant Volume Heating Optional)
  • Steel Construction with Center Ceiling Tile (Supplied By Others)
  • Discharge Air Patterns: 4-way (1, 2, and 3-way Patterns Optional)
  • Round Inlet Sizes: 8”, 10”, 12”, and 14”
  • Panel Size: 24”x24” for Lay-in T-bar Ceiling Systems
  • Standard Finish is British White
  • Optional Mounting Frames (Plaster, Fine-line, or Spline) Available