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Architectural Diffusers
Krueger's selection of architectural ceiling diffusers allow for great performance without having to sacrifice aesthetics. Types of diffusers in this group include plaque-face, swirl face, as well as thermal VAV diffusers.
Louvered-Face Diffusers
Available in both drop-face and flush-face constructions, Krueger's offering of louvered-face diffusers are a great fit for open office spaces. Types of diffusers in this group include options for adjustability, high induction vanes, center downblow, pattern controllers or center plaques.
Perforated-Face Diffusers
Often specified to give the ceiling a look of an unbroken plane, we offer a wide variety of perforated-face diffusers to meet both supply and return applications.
Modular Core Diffusers
Krueger's series of modular core diffusers are one of most quiet and versatile types of diffusers, combining excellent performance with on-the-job flexibility.
Linear Slot Diffusers
Krueger linear slot diffusers provide a great deal of freedom to architects who prefer that the air distribution system reflect the building design rather than restrict it. They not only integrate seamlessly into their surroundings, but they are often configured to create long continuous runs for both straight or curved applications.
Plenum Slot Diffusers
Krueger plenum slot diffusers have the plenum integrated into the diffuser, which has a drawn inlet collar to prevent plenum air leakage and helps simplify installation. For applications that require fire-rated products, Krueger has a selection of plenum slot diffusers to meet those needs as well.
Round Diffusers
Often specified in open ceiling applications, diffusers in this group will suffice for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications, featuring a clean, round shape with adjustable discharge patterns with either coned or plaque faces.
Air Nozzles
Krueger's selection of concentric ring and punkah air nozzles offer excellent spot cooling or heating and are a great complement to spaces that require long throws with high air velocities.