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Improve indoor air distribution with Krueger's wide selection of ceiling diffusers. Fit for both commercial and industrial applications, choose from our selection of architectural and plaque-face, louvered, round, perforated-face, modular core, linear slot, and plenum slot diffusers. For spaces that require long throws, we also offer a large selection of air nozzles.
Krueger provides a great selection of supply and return grilles and registers for both commercial and industrial applications. Products in this group include linear bar, security, industrial, duct mounted, transfer, and stainless steel grilles.
Find all the necessary accessories needed for Krueger grilles, registers and diffusers including plaster frames, duct extractors, dampers, straightening grids, adapters and more.
Terminal Units
To complement Krueger air distribution products, we offer several different types of terminal units including single duct, dual duct, fan powered as well as retrofit. With careful consideration of the application and products selected, they can help you meet stringent sound requirements, improve ventilation, and help provide opportunities to achieve LEED points.
Fan Coils
Often selected for high-rise office and hotel applications, Krueger offers a wide selection of horizontal and vertical fan coils. With options for standard or high capacity air flow and different installation types (exposed, concealed, recessed), Krueger has a product to meet your needs.
Critical Room
For critical environments with stringent air distribution requirements, such as hospitals and laboratories, Krueger has a wide offering of products that range from drop-face or flush-face radial flow diffusers, to laminar panels, fan filter units, and operating room air distribution systems.
Chilled Beams
Krueger by Halton chilled beams are air distribution devices that are designed to maximize thermal comfort, indoor air quality, and energy savings by using water to cool and heat occupant spaces. Ranging from active/adaptable to passive types, these products can help provide opportunities to achieve LEED points.
While specified for school applications due to their quiet performance qualities, Krueger by Halton displacement ventilation products are also a great fit for other commercial or industrial applications to increase indoor air quality, as they work to lift contaminants up out of the occupant space. From rectangular to rounded, we offer a product that will meet your application's requirements.
To allow more flexibility in changing environments and provide occupants greater control of their thermal comfort, find your air distribution solution with Krueger's selection of uderfloor terminal units and floor mounted grilles and diffusers.